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Blue Devils ing with heavy lift aerial drones that drop retrievable diving

Team Tao (UK)

SONAR pods.

Led by Dale Wakeham, the team is developing an autono- mous swarm system for rapid surface to deep ocean explora- tion.

CFIS (Switzerland)

Led by Toby Jackson, the team is building a ? eet of AUVs to map and image the ocean ? oor using lasers.

Texas A&M Ocean Engineering (USA)

Led by students and working in partnership with Industry and successful alumni of Texas A&M; the University team is

GEBCO-NF Alumni (USA) using drone ships and AUVs to explore remote ocean habi-

Led by GEBCO-Nippon Foundation alumni, the 12-nation tats.

team is integrating existing technologies and ocean-mapping experience with an innovative unmanned surface vessel to contribute towards comprehensive mapping of the ocean

Virginia DEEP-X (USA) ? oor by 2030. Led by Dan Stilwell, the team is developing small and low- cost underwater vehicles that operate in coordinated teams.


The ? nal Round 2 testing will take place during October

Led by Takeshi Nakatani, the team is integrating technolo- and November of 2018. Finalists will have an opportunity to gies owned by Japanese universities, institutes and compa- nies for a unique collaborative approach centered around demonstrate their technologies in a real-world deep-sea envi- ronment, where they will have to map the sea ? oor at 4,000m


depth and bring back 10 images from the ocean. Fugro, an industry leader in ocean mapping and another partner to the

Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, will assist XPRIZE in acquiring

PISCES (Portugal) the competition’s high-resolution baseline bathymetry data

Led by Nuno Cruz, the team is aggregating Portuguese tech- that are needed in judging team mapping results.

nologies developed at INESC TEC (Porto) and CINTAL (Al- garve) to create the PISCES system that leverages coopera- tive robotics. 2018 April 8 MTR

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