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VRXQGE\GHVLJQ ensuring a constant and stable power

Blue Robotics: Retro? t Kit delivery to the vehicle regardless of Blue Robotics released a retro? t kit tether length. which provides the components need-

It uses the same advanced Forum ed to upgrade to the BlueROV2 Heavy

Integrated Control Engine (ICE++) Con? guration. The upgrade allows the 0XOWLEHDP,PDJLQJ6RQDUV 6LQJOHDQG'XDO)UHTXHQF\WRN+] found in larger work-class and tren- ROV to have four vertical thrusters, cher vehicles in the Forum product external thruster guards, and addition- range. This provides a wide range of al buoyancy. The additions enable the auto-pilot and pilot assist modes when vehicle to gain 6 degree-of-freedom appropriate sensors are ? tted. control and active stabilization in

The control electronics pod ? tted to roll and pitch, making the BlueROV2 all Forum XLe electric vehicles is de- Heavy the most stable but maneuver- signed to enable superior connectivity able mini ROV on the market. Since and expansion capabilities when com- this kit has been in the works since pared with other ROVs on the market. before the BlueROV2 was launched,

Ethernet interfacing allows for seam- every ROV in the wild already has the less integration with other industry necessary mounting holes for the up- sensors using common IP architecture grade. Kits are $599 and are shipping and ease of remote data transfer. with a two week lead time.





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