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Offshore Geophysical

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Offshore Wind

Top 5 Trends to watch in Offshore Wind most no capacity today, close to 8 GW 107-meter blade. Towering 260 meters 1. Follow the Leader

Offshore wind’s established lead- could be reached thanks to installations over the sea, Haliade-X will produce er, Europe, will continue to show the in France, the U.K. and, on a smaller 45 percent more energy than any other way forward and build capacity. At scale, Portugal. The U.K. will also offshore wind turbine presently avail- the end of 2016, nearly 88 percent of install the majority of the capacity in able and will generate up to 67 GWh the world’s offshore wind installations the Irish Sea, which will total close to annually, GE said.

were located in European waters. In 6 GW. Italian and French installations 2017, Europe saw a record 3,148 MW could boost capacity in the Mediterra- 3. Costs Cutting Continues of net additional offshore wind capac- nean Sea to 0.5 GW.

ity installed, with 560 new offshore The offshore wind industry set a goal wind turbines across 17 wind farms, to decrease prices toward the target of 2. Bigger is Better according to WindEurope. Europe’s 100 euro/MWh by 2020. With the help total installed offshore wind capac- Across the globe, offshore wind proj- of larger and more ef

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