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David Millar, Fugro oices

Today it is on 2 ships; tomorrow 4 ships … what is the and navigation systems. long-term vision for OARS?

In terms of in-transit data collections, we started off slowly, With the demand for geophysical data perhaps blunted originally working from just one vessel since the fall of 2016 by the offshore energy downturn, discuss where, today, to develop the systems and processes that would support re- you see opportunities for your products and services.

mote command and control of multibeam data acquisition, There is no doubt that the offshore energy downturn has as well as upload and transfer of these datasets. Once the been hard on Fugro and other companies that were heav- capability was proven and documented, we implemented the ily focused in that sector. Even in the downturn, however, approach on a second vessel in the fall of 2017, and most re- Fugro saw an expansion in our seabed seeps mapping (a cently added the capability to two additional vessels. We ul- type of geophysical survey) business and, in recent years, timately plan to scale this up across our global ? eet of survey we have been surveying in excess of 1,000,000 km2 per year vessels, so that all are contributing crowd sourced bathyme- for customers who continue to invest in frontier exploration try data to Seabed 2030 as they transit between projects. The programs. Similarly, we have seen continued expansion of same service can be modi? ed and offered to cruise lines and both marine site characterization and asset integrity activity maritime shipping companies, who obviously operate ves- in support of the offshore wind energy sector, which helps to sels that are already equipped with satellite communications diversity our overall portfolio. In general, however, we see

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