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New Products Magnetometers

Chesapeake Technology: SonarWiz

Chesapeake Technology announced magnetometer data in a competing prod- merge process, and the automated vessel the release of SonarWiz 7.1 and two uct, and I must say I like what you’ve creation saves time. New Multiple EGN new modules. done. tables streamline work? ow and speed

Users now have the option to buy So- “The anomaly picks are quick to make up signal processing. narWiz Magnetometer and SonarWiz and the contour plotting really helps Uni? ed waterfall windows with sides-

Multibeam as standalone licenses, giv- to visualize the data. The process was can, bathymetry and backscatter allow ing users both a lower priced entry point quick and ef? cient, perfect for running users to pick contacts and digitize fea- and an upgrade path. after each day of survey.” tures across 3 data types simultaneously. “I have used SonarWiz a lot for sid- The SonarWiz 7.1 release adds pro- The enhanced color palette support escan data, but this was my ? rst experi- ductivity enhancements and automates makes it much easier to adjust individual ence using it with magnetometer data,” many steps. ? les, and user speci? ed tide and sound said Doug Bowlus, Santa Cruz Island Drag and drop bathymetry dramatical- velocity during data acquisition gives

Foundation. “Previously I’ve processed ly increases the speed of the import and users greater control and precision.

JW Fishers: New Proton 5

JW Fishers Mfg. is celebrating its 50th year in business and has been produc- ing magnetometers since 1979. The new

Proton 5 boat-towed magnetometer is a fully digitized system that displays the current 5-digit measurement on an easy to read 6-inch LCD screen that is backlit for night operations. Up to 80 of the previous measurements are dis- played graphically in a history plot on the screen and the optional altimeter (displays tow? sh distance from ocean bottom) is displayed on the LCD screen.

User friendly menus allow easy con- ? guration of all operation settings. The “auto tuning” feature greatly simpli? es set-up when operating in different lo- cations. Done directly from the control

JW Fishers box the “auto tune” functionality allows nano-tesla sensitivity that works equally able sensitivity switch makes pinpoint- the user to quickly tune the magnetom- eter without having to disassemble and well on land and underwater. The mag- ing even the largest of targets extremely manually con? gure the device. A unique netometer will locate pipe lines, cables, easy. The readout is displayed on an feature of the tow? sh is its ability to be cannons, dredge parts, and just about easy to see 5-digit LED for murky water any ferrous metal object of any size. The or night operations and an audio output separated into two parts so that it eas- ily ? ts into a watertight Pelican case for Diver Mag 1 is a commercial grade unit allows the diver to operate the system and designed with user friendly controls without the need to watch the LED dis- storage and transportation.

The Diver Mag 1 is a top performing, for ease of operation. play. microprocessor driven marine magne- Out of the water, the handle grip All of JW Fishers products are backed tometer detection system with a one makes the mag easy to carry. An adjust- by a two-year, unconditional warranty.

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