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New Products

New Hyperbaric Pressure Testing System

Nautilus Marine Service GmbH, the German manufacturer of VITROVEX deep sea pressure housings started operation of a new hyperbaric testing system simulating hydrostatic pressures found at water depths up to 13,000 meters. As of January 2018, Nautilus Marine Service GmbH operates a hyperbaric testing chamber with capability that extends to full ocean depth and beyond (1.300bar/18.850psi).

Nautilus Marine Service is integrating and expanding its in- house capabilities by being able to verify and test all of its own products and components to the highest standards pos- sible.

EdgeTech Next Gen Swath Bathymetry & SSS

EdgeTech 6205s is introduced as a next-generation Swath

Bathymetry & Side Scan Sonar System. The 6205s is rede- signed in a smaller, lighter package with additional features and functions that are designed to make on-water survey op- erations more effective and ef? cient. The 6205s produces real time, high resolution, 3D maps of the sea? oor while pro- viding an enhanced and fully integrated swath bathymetry and dual frequency side scan sonar system.

The system offers co-registered dual frequency side scan and bathymetry with swath coverages up to 200° with a selection of equidistant and equiangle output options. New, higher- resolution, shallow-water-optimized, frequency pairs are also available in the 6205s.

Riptide Debuts 2G Micro UUV

Riptide Autonomous Solutions launched its second genera- tion “micro” unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) product, with a focus on performance and manufacturability improve- ments. Through a near-total redesign of internal electronics the new MKII µUUV offers a nearly 70% reduction in hotel load power to 3.5 Watts, extending vehicle endurance across the vehicle speed regime. New manufacturing approaches, including increased use of molded, rather than 3-D printed, parts allows for expanded depth ratings, faster production times and improved quality assurance.

Customized Umbilical Winches

Greek Assodivers Underwater Contractors have taken deliv- ery of two MERMAC winches from MacArtney: one 19.5 ton AHC (active heave compensation) winch and one 6 ton umbilical winch. These winches form part of a project relat- ing to Denmark’s biggest offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak located in a shallow area in the Baltic Sea between Den- mark, Sweden and Germany. The AHC winch is intended to relocate huge stones from the sea? oor, and the umbilical winch is to be used for pulling a cable plough. Electric AHC winch solutions are often preferred for ROV systems and for handling equipment that is to operate near or on the seabed.

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