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S2C TECHNOLOGY: COMMUNICATION AND TRACKING COMBINED - time, space and cost - saving solutions - low power consumption for autonomous operations - advanced data delivery algorithms, addressing and networking, remotely con?gurable settings - extendable platform with multiple con?guration options: power-saving Wake Up module, acoustic releaser, additional sensors, custom solutions, OEM versions availableh

USBL POSITIONING SYSTEMS LBL POSITIONING SYSTEMS simultaneous positioning and communication - no need to highly accurate, precise and stable performance, switch between positioning mode and modem mode simultaneous positioning and data transmissions - - ?exible SiNAPS positioning software ?exible SiNAPS positioning software - - reliable data transmissions reliable data transmissions - - range: up to 8000 m range: up to 8000 m - - accuracy: up to 0.04 degrees accuracy: better than 0.01 m

UNDERWATER ACOUSTIC MODEMS reliable data transmissions even in adverse conditions, cus- tomizable R-series modems, light and compact M-series “mini” modems, new S2CM - HS high-speed modem, special editions

Meet us at for developers, S2C communication and positioning emulator -

UNDERSEA DEFENCE remote access or standalone device


- range: up to 8000 m

June 26 - 28, 2018 - depth: up to 6000 m

Glasgow, UK - data rate: up to 62.5 kbps

Stand B6

EvoLogics GmbH tel.: +49 30 4679 862-0 Ackerstrasse 76, fax: +49 30 4679 862-01 13355 Berlin, Germany

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