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Short Sea Shipping Ports

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PROPULSION operators and owners to determine the most economical speed collaboration with the relevant engine or scrubber manufacturers, against the best fuel consumption for any particular vessel. as well as providing supervision of installations and fuel system

There is an obvious need to pay close attention to the detail in cleaning and tank segregation. the project management and planning of service jobs in meeting the requirements around Sulphur 2020. Careful review of the op- tions (low sulphur fuel or high sulphur fuel plus scrubber or con-

Neil Graham

The Author version to LNG) around practicalities and ROI should be made, is Technical Director at Royston, with responsibility for the with a project management team appointed to undertake the pro- company’s established medium and high-speed engine service gram. To that end, independent service providers can be totally capabilities – and identifying new opportunities for market growth. focused on providing a fully responsive engineering service that

He has more than 35 years of marine engineering experience, is geared towards meeting the specifc timing, location and tech- which includes many varied senior roles as a sea going Chief nical needs of a customer facing IMO Sulphur 2020 compliance

Engineer, Engineer Superintendent and in regional operations management for shipping companies. issues. The company can provide such project management in 12 Maritime Logistics Professional November/December 2019 | |

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