lotron Corporation Introduces Automatic RPM/Speed Converter

An inexpensive, easily installed RPM/Speed Converter Unit has been introduced by lotron Corporation of Bedford, Mass. It provides a digital readout of ship's speed with an accuracy which approaches that of a conventional log at about one-tenth the price. Originally designed to provide speed inputs to the lotron DIGIPLOT ® f u l l y a u t o m a t i c radar plotter when a ship's log is not available, this speed indicator is now available as a separate unit which can be used to automatically supply ship speed information to either a true motion radar or navigation system.

The compact unit can be connected quickly and easily to the bridge RPM indicator, and it provides a standard 200-pulse-permile output. It is designed to be mounted separately or as part of the bridge control console. The bright LED numerals assure easy visibility of ship speed to bridge personnel under all light conditions. For a complete description and prices, write to L.M. Pearson, lotron Corporation, 5 Alfred Circle, Bedford, Mass. 01730.

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