Ron H. W r i g h t N a m ed V P - E n g i n e e r i n g For Sperry Gyroscope

Ron H. Wright has been appointed vice president of engineering for the Gyroscope unit of the Sperry Division of Sperry Corporation, Edwin D. Decker, vice president and general manager of the unit, announced.

Mr. Wright, who had been vice president of antisubmarine warfare and navigation and guidance since 1978, will now be responsible for the engineering and program management of radar and fire control, antisubmarine warfare, navigation and guidance, research, advanced systems engineering, technical s e r v i c e s and special programs.

Since joining Sperry in 1957 as an electronics tester, Mr. Wright has held a number of key managerial and staff positions, including chief engineer at the Great Neck, N.Y., facility. He has also served in a number of engineering assignments, including program manager.

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